• We provide highly Qualitative sole at a competitive cost.
  • We believe in consistently maintaining an accuracy of 100% in all our Soles quality and quantity, there by create a high value for our clients in the fluctuating market.
  • We consider all types of recommendations along with the proper follow ups, ensuring JIT Deliveries.
  • We practice advance technology & quality tools, to produce quality product & eliminate defective generation
  • We have in- house, fully equipped lab for physical & performance testing, enabling us to achieve customer satisfaction level.

For more than 40 years that we make soles for some of the most recognized shoemakers of the world. Despite we have, nowadays, an extensive collection we have specialized ourselves in tailor made projects, because we believe that creators’ imagination cannot be limited by the sole. Daily we surpass the limits of technology and materials to make the dreams of our clients a reality.


Everything that a creative idealizes can became a reality in ALERT India Pvt Ltd (ISO 9001:2015). The development of each new product is made through a healthy relation with the client. We share the enthusiasm by the ideas brought to us and we open doors for you to see them grow, becoming a reality. From the draft upward, you can count on us. That is our brand.

Business areas

From fashion to the army, passing by professional footwear, we have worked with everything. Over 30 years we have learned the specificities of each area, allowing us to anticipate scenarios, requirements and constraints. Whatever is the purpose of the shoes, we are prepared. Our portfolio is proof of that.


We are footwear enthusiasts. As so, we love to explore new solutions and resources. Nowadays, we mastered a wide variety of materials and techniques, which allow us to materialize any idea. The range of possibilities is so wide open as your imagination.

Production Technologies

Hold the latest state-of-the-art technology is essential to meet all the needs that come to us. We invest in machinery and advanced industrial methods to be able to take the best advantage of any material. To leverage the technology, we have experienced and updated professionals. The result is the maximum speed, accuracy and versatility.


ALERT India Pvt Ltd (ISO 9001:2015) products are spread worldwide. We export soles all over the world. In our clients list we have the most prestigious shoemaker’s brands. As so, it is possible that you are using ALERT India Pvt Ltd (ISO 9001:2015) soles in this exact moment.

Our product is easier to buy

We have two Sale Depot in Agra & Karol Bagh and a number of Distributor all over India to fulfill all categories Customer Requirement.

Efficient Service

We have two Sale Depot in Agra & Karol Bagh and a number of Distributor all over India to fulfill all categories Customer Requirement.

Enhances Personality

Consumers buy fancy-branded luxury goods because it makes them look and feel wealthy. The same dynamic operates in the business world, Our Color ful range of soles in all categories always attract the Shoe Manufacturer in all segments.

Cost Effective

We provide all types of soles in very lower cost to our Valuable Customers.

Our customer service is more friendly

Companies underestimate the anger (and even hatred) that business buyers feel when they experience horrible customer service. Our 24X7 Customer Service always pay attention on all queries, customers will pay more when they know their problems are handled quickly and cheerfully.

  • Its colorful & durable brand.
  • Boundless product availability.
  • We can do something better than anyone else.
  • Is an agile fast moving innovator that stays one step ahead of challenges.
  • Highly efficient, low cost manufacturing.
  • Our products & services are perfect.
  • High integrity.