• We provide highly quality sole at a competitive cost.
  • We believe in consistently maintaining an accuracy of 100% in all our products.
  • We have in- house, fully equipped lab for physical & performance testing, enabling us to achieve customer satisfaction.


Everything that a creative mind idealizes can became a reality in ALERT India Pvt Ltd (ISO 9001:2015). The development of each new product is made through a healthy interaction with the client.

Business areas

Our experience of over 40 years allows us to anticipate scenarios, requirements and constraints and be prepared for all situations.


We have mastered a wide variety of materials and techniques, which allow us to materialize any range of ideas and possibilities.

Production Technologies

We have invested in machinery and advanced industrial methods to be able to take the best advantage of any material.


ALERT India Pvt Ltd (ISO 9001:2015) products are spread within India & across the world.

About Alert
  • It is a colorful & durable brand.
  • Boundless product availability.
  • Is an agile fast moving innovator that stays a step ahead of challenges.
  • Highly efficient, low cost manufacturing.